Start Shopping: How to Shop at Singapore Malls

If you’re an international traveler to Singapore, one of the best things about this city is its shopping. Not only is there a wide variety of types and brands in each mall, but they are all centrally located, so it’s easy to get around from place to place by MRT or taxi. Here we’ll give some tips on how to shop at Singapore shopping mall, starting with some useful vocabulary.

3 Tips to help you shop at Singapore malls:

  1. Don’t call it a mall; it’s SingMall!

Singaporeans prefer to use the word ‘mall’ rather than shopping center because Singapore is viewed as an Asian country, and malls in Asia are larger, more spacious, and modern.

  1. Don’t call it a department store; its SingStore!

Like malls, Singaporeans use the word ‘store.’ Department stores are often seen as old-fashioned and small.

  1. Shop early for the best deals!

Singaporeans love a good deal, and many shops have items on sale earlier in the day, so if there’s something you want to buy, it may be worth going out shopping as soon as possible.

  1. Taxi stands are usually near entrances.

If you want to go back to your hotel or guesthouse, taxis are easy to take from the mall entrance, so look for a stand there before heading towards MRT stations or bus stops.

In conclusion, shopping in Singapore is a great time, and you’ll be able to find all the popular brands worldwide. You can also grab some souvenirs from your favorite mall or even try out new cuisine at one of the many food courts!