Few of the most popular leather shoulder holsters

If one is a gun enthusiast or has a gun one knows that there are many types of gun holders. These gun holders range from hips, waist, and leather shoulder holsters. Everyone who holds a gun has their own choice of holder. But many people prefer to use leather shoulder holsters because of their feasibility. If one had a hip or waist holder, one can use a weighted gun, or it will put the holder at a disadvantage.

Therefore, one of the most used holsters is leather shoulder holsters. People love to use these because they are easy to carry, and one can hold one’s gun in the easiest way possible. In fact, it’s so popular that many people even have spares just in case the first one breaks down. The leather shoulder holsters come in various sizes and locks.

There are many types of leather shoulder holsters one can buy from the market. Although there are many kinds, three of them are the most bought ones by the people. Here are the most three brought leather shoulder holsters by people and used by all of them.


The platform holsters

The most common type of leather shoulder holsters people buy is the platform holster. This holster is one of its kind as it is only made for one gun. The gun can be of any type or kind, but only that gun will go inside the holster. Therefore if one is among the people who only possess one gun, this holster is the ideal one. But for people who have a pistol and another gun while they only want to have one holster, this is not the one. One should always choose this holster only when one is confirmed that only one gun will go inside it.


The tactical holsters

It is another type of leather shoulder holsters where one uses the tactical holsters in fieldwork. If one wants to have a gun 24/7 over one’s shoulder, this is the ideal type of holster. Just keeping the gun hanging around over the shoulder can be dangerous and can lead to misfire and accidental shooting. But with the tactical leather shoulder holsters, one doesn’t need to worry about the guns as it comes with a lock. Therefore when one puts the gun inside the holster, one can lock the gun and leave it there for a while.


The concealable holsters

There is the last type of leather shoulder holsters. The concealable holsters are the classical holsters one sees in movies and stuff. These are the same holsters where a gunman in the movie pulls a gun out of nowhere and kills the enemy. It is why they are known as concealable holsters. One can use these holsters if one is undercover or wants to hide the holsters from people. These holsters are usually suited for lightweight guns and can be painful for heavy ones.