Ruger Vaquero Holsters Are One Of The Best Holsters

The safety of guns has always been a topic of concern. Whenever a person carries it, they must always carry it safely and properly. The gun shouldn’t be accessible to any other person than the user as guns can harm regular citizens. Hence one must carry it in Ruger vaquero holsters to keep them safe from misuse and carry them conveniently everywhere. The cover flap of the gun holster makes it unable for others to grab the gun and misuse it for their purpose.

What Are The Different Types Of Ruger Vaquero Holsters? 

There are many different types of Ruger vaquero holsters differing in sizes, features, material, and color. Usually, these holsters are made from leather and dyed in brown, black, or orange color. Leather is used for making holsters because it is a tough, resilient, and reliable material. Leather doesn’t wear down and is durable compared to other materials. Also, it can be dyed into different colors. You can buy these gun holsters even online.

A few different types of Ruger vaquero holsters are mentioned below. 

  • Single prospector rig- this is a California-style Ruger vaquero holster, invented in the 1850s gold rush era. It is cut down from the front and both sides, also known as the triple recurve. It helps the shooter to grab the gun at its trigger to be ready at all times. It was considered the most important feature at that time due to the laws of California and dangerous mining camps. They were specially made for a particular type of gun but now they are available for all types of handguns. Beautiful handmade patterns are created on this gun holster that gives it a classy look.
  • Hand tooled prospector- this is a descendant of a Californian style of gun holster also invented during the gold rush era in the 1850s. It is similar to the single prospector rig in its triple re-curve due to the California laws and mining camps. The only difference is that the hand-tooled prospector is worn like a belt around the user’s waist while the single prospector is attached to the belt directly. It is dyed in brown color and floral prints are made on the whole gun holster to make it look more appealing.
  • Prospector gun belt- the prospector gun belt is a double rig gun holster. It was also invented during the same time as a single prospector rig and the hand-tooled prospector in California. It features a match to the previous two gun holsters for example the triple re-curve. It is more similar to the hand-tooled prospector in its positioning on the user’s body. It is worn like a belt so you don’t need to wear both these things separately. It also has those three-piece buckles engraved on the gun holster to make it look more like a belt. The delicate patterns and prints give it a more beautiful look compared to the other two gun holsters.