Some Simple Vape Smoke Tricks You Can Try & Impress Your Friends

You can have a lot of fun using a vaping device, and not just because of the vast array of flavours of liquid you can use, and you can also perform tricks with the vape smoke you produce. Some party tricks are harder than others, but with some practice, you can become an expert at them and perform your tricks to amuse your friends. Below are some tricks you can try and links to explainer videos so you can master them and perform cool tricks with your vaping device to astound your friends.

What You Will Need

To perform all the vaping tricks, including the ones below, you will need a vape liquid with a high VG ratio to produce massive clouds of vape smoke. You will also need a sub-ohm vaping device with a higher VG concentration in your e-liquid to create big vape smoke plumes. You will also want to perform your tricks where there is little airflow, which can disrupt the vape smoke when you exhale.

The Smoke Ring

People have been blowing smoke rings for as long as humans have smoked, and once you master them, they are simple to do. You need to take a large drag on your vaping device and hold the vape smoke in your throat, keeping your tongue at the bottom of your mouth. You next need to make an “O” shape with your mouth, make a pulsing motion with your throat and push some of the vape smoke out of your mouth. With practice, you can blow massive smoke rings and click here to see a video on how to make them.

A Mini Tornado

You can also create a mini tornado with the vape smoke you produce, and for this, you will need a flat surface such as a table and a mouthful of thick vape smoke. You will need to slowly exhale a cloud of vape smoke onto the flat surface slowly and let the vape smoke sit on the surface. Using your hand in a chopping motion, you need to bring it down to the table’s surface quickly and then raise it again, flicking your wrist as you raise your arm upwards. You will need one fluid motion to be successful, and it will also require practice, and you can click here to see a video of how to do this trick.

Liquid Mist In Your Glass

One of the simplest tricks you can perform with the vape smoke you produce is filling your glass with a liquid mist. The vape smoke will sit on the liquid, your glass will look like a potion out of a witch’s tavern, and you will need a wide glass with a cold drink. Once your glass is half empty, take a large drag on your vaping device, put your lips to the glass, and then slowly exhale the vape smoke into your glass. When the liquid in the glass is cold, it will help to keep the vape smoke there, and you can click here to see a short video on how to do this trick.