Ranking The Most Popular and Viral Memes of All Time

Meme trends are the fastest-moving things on the planet; seriously, nothing changes as quickly as meme trends do. The internet has a dark sense of humor, and meme creators from all over the internet possess the talent to turn even the most serious events into memes.

Every couple of weeks, we get a new meme trend; it can come from everywhere. Movies, political situations, and sports, a new meme, can emerge from anywhere. Even a random photo like that of a kid in a green shirt, in today’s world, everything can become a meme just like that.

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Memes have been around for a lot longer than you think, they only became mainstream after the advent of social media but they have been something with which tech geeks have been messing around for decades.

Over the last decade and a half, we have seen some really hilarious and iconic memes. Some of these memes aren’t even based on recent events but are inspired by events of the past, which shows that nothing ever gets buried in time; if it is on the internet, it is never truly dead.

In this article, we look at some of the most popular meme trends of all time, and how many of them completely changed the way people used social media.

  • Keep Calm and Carry On

A meme that was actually first drafted almost a century ago. The Keep Calm and Carry On meme trend is actually inspired by the posters the British government created in 1939 to support their soldiers and boost their morale.

  • Drake – Views

Drake has inspired so many meme trends over the last decade that it is hard to find anyone who comes to him in this regard. When he first revealed the album cover for Views, he instantly became a hit meme.

Little Drakes sitting on everything started popping up throughout the internet; people had a lot of fun with this particular meme trend.

  • Drake – No/Yes

This meme trend is still alive to this day, and if you use social media, you must come across a meme based on this template every week or two.

Taken from the Hotline Bling video, this particular meme template has passed the test of time; it is still around even after years of its origin.

  • Ancient Aliens Guy

We have all seen memes featuring the History Channel guy holding up his hands and saying something sarcastic. That particular meme trend was actually inspired by a show called Ancient Aliens.

  • Robert Downey Jr. – You Went Full Retard

Another iconic meme template, this particular trend, was inspired by RDJ’s famous lines in the movie Tropic Thunder.

  • Derp and Depina

Before everyone became an expert at editing and learned how to turn normal photos into memes, there were Derp and Derpina. It won’t be wrong to say that this was the beginning of memes as we know them today.

This trend died down with the introduction of new memes, but it still remains in the meme hall of fame to this day because of the way it inspired so many people.

  • Success Kid

We have all seen that meme with the kid in the green shirt clenching his fist. It is another historic meme that lives to this day.

  • Condescending Willy Wonka

That sarcastic meme featuring the late Gene Wilder as Willy Wonka is another meme that internet users will never forget.

  • Distracted Boyfriend

Everyone remembers that meme with the boyfriend checking out another while walking with his girlfriend. It is even in circulation to this day and is one of the most perfectly fitting memes that anyone can find.

  • Evil Kermit

Another timeless meme that continues to be a worthy template to this day, Evil Kermit is one of the most popular meme trends of all time.