Best Time To Buy A Refrigerator

If you have to decide you need to replace your old refrigerator, you may wonder when is the best time to buy one. If you buy at the wrong time you often end up paying  full price.  In this blog, we have underlined some tips to get a big discount {gros rabais} on your purchase.

Purchase when there is high demand

If you are trying to determine the best time to purchase a refrigerator, look for seasons when everyone else is making purchases. This could seem to work against supply and demand economics. However, when buying multiple items at once, they are more likely to be discounted, at least when it comes to appliances. Therefore, if one can spot and capitalize on that buying frenzy, they are more likely to receive a decent price.

Lookout for holiday weekend sales

If you are looking for discounted rates on high-end models. Try to look for deals that happen throughout the weekends leading up to and during holidays. The following holidays have remarkable bargains over certain holiday weekends. Some of these may include

  • Father’s day
  • Mother’s day
  • Bastille’s day
  • San Gennaro Feast Day,

Some retailers offer three-day weekend promotions around this time of year with discounts of up to 50% on big items like refrigerators. Another seasonal sale is one before school reopens. You may be pleasantly surprised to learn you may good discounts on electrical goods like refrigerators.

Clearance sale

Most shops and businesses run clearance sales at the end of every other month, which is a great time to get deals on particular appliance types, like refrigerators. Clearance sales, to be more precise, start about two months into any season. To make room for expensive cooling equipment, home improvement stores frequently put home heating equipment on clearance since summer officially starts in May.

Before the release of new models

Another time businesses offer substantial sales other than the holidays and clearance sales is  when it releases a newer model of its refrigerator. Most merchants and retailers put older models of appliances on discount when a more recent model is set to be released in order to reduce their inventory. And if one waits a time to buy, they can get a far better deal on the older versions.

Last day of the month

For commissioned salespeople, many physical stores set monthly sales objectives, and stores allow salespeople to close deals for less than the asking price. Near the end of the month, when salesmen are less likely to object to vigorous haggling, you can take advantage of this edge to get the best offer on the refrigerator.


The key to getting the best deal is knowing what you need and figuring out the best time to purchase a refrigerator at a lower cost.  If your person’s budget isn’t too tight, there’s no harm in making plans, doing research, and trying to find ways to save time and money.