3 Instant Mix breakfast dishes you should try if you are missing homely food

People who live away from their homes due to either a job or study purposes face several challenges along the way. One such challenge is to prepare freshly cooked food in shorter amounts of time while also maintaining the proper taste of food. There is a need for ready to eat food products among people who stay away from their homes for preparing nutritious and tasty food.

This need can be easily fulfilled by using the instant mix products from the Aashirvaad instant mix product range. These instant mix products from the Aashirvaad range will help you to create dishes that are easy and convenient to prepare while also being flavourful and delicious to taste. These instant mixes will be beneficial to those people who want to save the bulk of their time for preparing food.

We will be looking at 3 breakfast dishes that will be healthy and delicious, and that can be easily created by using Aashirvaad Instant dishes. Breakfast can be considered as an important meal of the day since it is consumed at the beginning of the day where we fuel our body after an interval of long period. In recent times, preparing a quick and convenient breakfast has become a necessity due to the ever-busy schedules of individuals. Let’s look at the 3 breakfast options that we can prepare with Aashirvaad instant mixes.

Rice Idli

Idli is a healthy and nutritious food item that is popular across the Indian subcontinent. Although originating from the southern parts of India, idli is savoured by people from across the country. You can make around 20 counts of idli from a single packet of Aashirvaad Rice Idli Instant Mix and the idli can be prepared in just 3 simple and easy steps. Idlis made from this instant mix will have the goodness of rice flour and urad dal in each bite. To prepare the idlis all you must do is uniformly mix the content in water to create a batter. Then apply oil to the idli mould and steam the batter for around 15 mins.

Rice Dosa

Another South Indian delicacy, dosa can be considered as a savoury pancake or a crispy crepe. Dosa is made from fermented batter, and it can be prepared in a variety of forms. To prepare a dosa from the instant mix, you must mix the contents uniformly with water to create a batter. Then simply spread the batter on a heated tava and roast the batter till the dosa is golden brown.

Rava Idli

Rava is a form of a granulated powder that is derived from durum wheat, and it is included in various Indian recipes due to its nutritional profile. This variation of idli will give you a different texture and flavour profile to explore. To prepare the rava idli from the instant mix, create the batter by mixing 1 cup of content with ½ cup of sour curd. Then simply apply oil to an idli mould to pour the batter and then steam for around 12 minutes.