Finding The Best Place To Test Your Gemstones & What To Expect

There are many reasons you may want to get your gemstones tested, and it can tell you a lot of helpful information about them. If you have heirloom jewellery, it allows you to know what they are and their quality, and it can also help you get an accurate valuation of them. Below are some tips to help you find a suitable international gemstone laboratory to test your gems and what information their report will include.

Finding A Reputable Laboratory In Bangkok

It is a relatively simple task to find a reputable company to test your gemstones in Bangkok, as many companies offer this service. Bangkok is a central trading hub for finished jewellery and coloured gemstones, so many international companies are in Bangkok. You can use their services to test your gemstones, so you know what you have, and you can then get an accurate value of your jewellery.

Do a quick search online, and a whole host of companies will be listed, and you can then make a list of companies to contact and explain what you need them to do. You can then get a quote from each company and see how much they charge for the service and see what is included. You can then compare the services and prices offered and see which one you prefer. Once you have decided which company to use, you will either need to take your gemstone jewellery to them to evaluate it or use a secure delivery method such as a courier service to deliver your jewellery to them.

What They Will Include In Their Report

Your report will often be ready in a week or two, depending on how busy the company are, and the report you receive will have lots of helpful information. It will include the type of gemstone it is, and if you pay for it, they will also evaluate its origins and which country it came from. It will also state the gemstones characteristics according to the 4 Cs which are as follows:

  • The Cut
  • The Clarity
  • The Colour
  • The Carat Weight

The report will also include whether the gems are natural or synthetic and if they have been enhanced. If your gems have been enhanced, which is common, it can also state the most likely method of enhancing used on the gemstones. Once you have all this information, you can then take your jewellery and the reports to a reputable jeweller, who will assess them and value them for you.

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